Chevrolet Silverado

Best Selling Pickup in Kuwait for the fourth consecutive year

A new achievement that Chevrolet Al Ghanim is adding to its list of outstanding achievement

The Chevrolet Silverado is no longer a mission-specific vehicle, but its innovative design and specifications have become a vehicle that reflects the lifestyle of large segments of society, both young and older. This success is supported by Silverado's reliability, power and technology, being the best-selling truck in Kuwait over the past four years. This truck is available in different models. It is noteworthy that the Silverado 3500 HD truck entered the Guinness World Encyclopedia to pull the largest flag without touching the ground, when she drew the flag of Kuwait and achieved a great race worthy.

Over the past years, Chevrolet's successes have been driven by challenges and the world of racing, aiming to break records to continue adding them to its many records to remain firmly on the Guinness world record list. This time the challenge came on Kuwaiti territory. The Chevrolet Ghanim scored a record after the Chevrolet Silverado 3500 high performance broke the record by lifting the flag of Kuwait measuring 433 square meters for more than 100 meters without touching any part of the ground.

Globally, Silverado has been awarded the JD Power as the best pick-up in terms of reliability and quality. "JD Power Ratings", the global standard for vehicle quality assessment, which aims to achieve the highest ratings in the automotive industry, is an indication of the true quality of cars.

With its global presence in Kuwait, Chevrolet Alghanim is proud to offer the best choices to its customers, giving them a unique experience in terms of size, reliability and rich heritage in the manufacture of pick-ups. With its robust performance, fuel efficiency and technological sophistication, the Chevrolet Silverado is available in a variety of models and features within a steel frame, enhancing the drivers' sense of reliability, durability and strength on the road. Anyone who likes power in a road car is welcome at the Chevrolet Ghanem showrooms across the country to test Silverado's leadership.

The all new Silverado 2019 .. The strongest and most sophisticated ever

The Silverado 1500 is a brand new all-in-one, benefiting from Chevrolet's proven expertise in manufacturing more than 85 million reliable, long-haul trucks. The strong and modern design of the Silverado 2019 truck reinforces Chevrolet's industry-leading history in truck design. This rich legacy has been built through decades of experience with significant models and the new Silverado has greater capabilities and improved performance. For example, a higher-level alloy was used on the floor of a super-powerful steel truck, which contributed to a lighter and more practical floor. This use of diverse materials and advanced manufacturing is illustrated at all angles

Eight models will be launched from the new Silverado 2019, including Treblebus. This truck incorporates off-road driving equipment for the package, as well as the possibility of lifting suspension up to two inches.

Unlike the lift kits installed after the sale, the suspension of Trelebos is fully tested and validated by Chevrolet, which offers a guarantee.

Chevrolet's commitment program:

To enhance after sales services When buying a Silverado model, Chevrolet Alghanim offers many of the features in the Chevrolet Affordable program that provides comfort and peace of mind to customers in the world's largest service center with all the latest maintenance equipment and systems at the hands of a highly skilled technical team to deliver built-in service On four pillars: competitive and transparent in value and wages (especially for SUVs), booking on the same day, quality in service through a highly qualified and professional team, providing 3 years warranty or 100,000 km with roadside assistance service 24 years 24 hours Days of expiation

To follow up on the latest news and see the latest offers, customers can follow the accounts of Chevrolet Alghanim on social networking sites at @ChevroletAlghanim or call 1800022 .