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Chevrolet Alghanim Wins First Place for the Second Consecutive Year in the Service Hero Awards for the Car Sales Category

February 20th, 2014 - Chevrolet from Yusuf A. Alghanim & Sons Automotive won first place for the second consecutive year in the Service Hero Awards for the Car Sales category for the year 2013. Cadillac also received an honorable mention in both the Car Sales category. The results were derived from a live voting system from the audience, a factor that confirms the results' authenticity in the local market.

It is of no coincidence that Chevrolet won this prestigious award for two consecutive years. The company's win reflects its continuous efforts as they strive to deliver utmost customer satisfaction. The award also demonstrates Yusuf Ahmed Alghanim & Sons Automotive's ongoing commitment to their customers as it ensures that every customer receives a world-class shopping, buying and ownership experience. The company's strategic dedication towards service excellence highlights the local population's steadfast belief and trust instilled in Yusuf Ahmed Alghanim & Sons Automotive, a company with a rich heritage and admirable history in the realm of vehicles in Kuwait.

Service Hero is a consumer-powered assessment focusing on service quality in Kuwait. The awards were based on a six-month voting drive that collected over 14,545 direct customer votes through an online-based survey that was then validated and reviewed to ensure empirical and authentic findings. Customers rated the companies based on a 10-point scoring system that measures customer expectations versus actual customer satisfaction across eight service dimensions. The eight dimensions were reliability, speed, product quality, value for money, location of offering, staff quality, call center and the company's website.

Chevrolet Alghanim Wins Service Hero Awards
Chevrolet Alghanim Team

Chevrolet received first place in the 2013 Service Hero Customer Satisfaction Award for the Car Sales category from among 37 brands that were evaluated. Cadillac also received an honorable mention in the Car Sales category for receiving a high customer satisfaction score.

Yusuf A. Alghanim & Sons Automotive would like to thank its customers and fans on behalf of the company's win as it was only made possible by the customers' trust that was instilled in the company, a trust that the company prides itself for and strives to maintain. In the end, the company's main goal is to meet and exceed customer satisfaction by improving its services throughout all its showrooms and service centers in Kuwait.